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Expanded Offender Programs reform

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    Summary of reform

    A key initiative of the Strategy to Reduce Reoffending is the expanded delivery by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) of rehabilitation and behaviour change programs to offenders.

    The key suite of programs CSNSW delivers is the EQUIPS* suite of programs, which target offending behaviour related to general offending, addiction, aggression and domestic abuse. The programs are designed to help offenders understand the factors that led to them offending in the first place, and to develop the skills they need to reduce their risk of reoffending.

    This reform approaches the expansion of programs through several strategies:

    1. The launch of High Intensity Program Units (HIPUs) to deliver programs to short-sentenced offenders of six months or less, who have traditionally not had access to programs.

    2. A strategy to expand the delivery of programs to all offenders serving both community and custodial sentences who pose a medium to high risk of reoffending.

    3. A capacity and capability-building program for external facilitators to support the CSNSW workforce in the delivery the EQUIPS suite of programs in the community.

    * The CSNSW EQUIPS (Explore, Question, Understand, Investigate, Practice, Succeed) suite of programs address the criminogenic needs of the largest number of offenders across the state. EQUIPS targets those offenders identified at a medium to high risk of re-offending.

    Rationale and Benefits

    Significant numbers of offenders receive short prison sentences. Until now short sentenced inmates have had limited access to rehabilitation interventions to reduce their risk of reoffending. With the Expanded Programs reform, inmates sentenced to short custodial sentences who are a moderate to high risk of reoffending will be targeted for participation in the EQUIPS suite of evidence based programs in the High Intensity Program Units (HIPU). It is expected that the HIPU programs will treat up to 1,200 inmates across the correctional system with short sentences each year.

    Enhanced service delivery model utilising external facilitators will increase employment opportunities in regional and rural areas, as well as the capacity to deliver interventions in these regions.

    Key changes

    • Ten High Intensity Program Units (HIPUs) are being built in seven correctional centres across NSW.

    • An increased number of offenders will participate in the CSNSW EQUIPS suite of accredited programs (EQUIPS Foundation, EQUIPS Addiction, EQUIPS Aggression and EQUIPS Domestic Abuse Program).

    • An increased number of offenders will participate in the intensive sex and violent offending treatment programs.

    • CSNSW currently has an Expression of Interest open for people wishing to apply to become external program facilitators to deliver the EQUIPS suite of programs in the community.

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