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Improved Custodial Case Management reform

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    Summary of reform

    A key initiative of the Government's Reducing Reoffending reform package is a new custodial case management model. This includes the establishment of new Case Management Units in NSW prisons.

    This model will ensure continuous, consistent case plans for offenders, regardless of whether they are under Community Corrections supervision or in custody. The new custodial Case Management Units will ensure inmates can be continually targeted for the intervention and programs they need most, when they need it.

    Key changes

    • An increased number of offenders participating in case management. 
    • The new model will allocate additional case management resources to more intensively manage inmates of medium to high risk of reoffending and/or require support services so they can access the services and programs required.
    • Case Management Units will be created in prisons as an extra resource to enable focused and consistent case management that gives greater attention through specialist staff to these higher-risk offenders. 
    • Dedicated teams of case management specialists attached to a prison's Case Management Unit will undertake continuous case management for inmates.

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    Rationale and benefits

    Case Management Units will create more than 150 new case management roles in prisons across the state and these roles are already funded for an initial three-year period.

    The new model strengthens case management throughout offenders' entire interaction with the correctional system, ensuring consistency and continuity for those who move between the community and a prison setting. 

    Corrective Services' goal is that by mid-2020, almost 20,000 offenders will have accessed improved custodial case management through this model, which will support a reduction in the state's reoffending rate.

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