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Courts & Tribunals

The Department of Justice provides administrative and corporate support to NSW courts and tribunals.

Our courts are among the most efficient in Australia in terms of timeliness, disposal of matters and cost. Many court sites use innovative technology such as videoconferencing so that witnesses can give evidence from remote locations, without having to attend court.

In this section you can locate or learn about the nine courts and four tribunals in NSW, including the process if you need to go to one and your options to resolve disputes out of court.

Which court or tribunal?

Find information about the role of a court or tribunal and where your legal matter may be heard.

Role of NSW courts and tribunals

NSW Supreme Court

NSW District Court

NSW Land and Environment Court

NSW Local Court

NSW Coroner's Court

NSW Civil and Administ​rative Tribunal (NCAT)

NSW Industrial Relations Commission

The Children's Court of NSW

All other NSW courts and tribunals

Court lists and sittings

Use the court lists to find the time and place of your court appearance or to find out what is happening in the courtrooms on a particular date.

Search online court lists and sittings for the Supreme, District, Local and Coroner's courts

Daily lists for all NSW courts and tribunals

Judgments and findings

Find the judgment or decision of a particular court or tribunal and learn about sentencing in NSW.

Judgments and decisions

Coroner's Court findings and recommendations

Sentencing in NSW

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Court programs

Learn about programs which aim to break the substance abuse and crime cycle.

Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT)

Drug Court of NSW

Life on Track

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules Forms

Find information about approved civil forms.

Approved civil forms

About UCPR

News & Announcements



Preparing for court

Find information about preparing for court, the facilities and access to support services.

Where to get legal advice

Preparing for court

Court facilities and support

Support for witnesses

Support for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Support for people with a disability

Going to court

Find information about the court process.

What information can court staff give?

Who's who in court

During the court process  

Court transcripts

After the court process

Sentences, orders and judgments


Going to tribunal

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) is the one-stop-shop for specialist tribunal services in NSW.

Learn about NCAT

Resolving your matter

Your matter is about …

Applying to NCAT

Preparing for your hearing

Access and support


Hearing lists

Representing yourself

Understand law and court procedures before representing yourself in court.

What you should know

Legal d​ictionary

Need more help?

Resolving disputes out of court

Find information about how to solve your problem without going to court.

About alternative dispute resolution




Jury service

Been called for jury duty? Find out what this means for you.

About jury service in NSW

Tomorrow's jury attendance lists

Role of a jury

Received a Notice of Inclusion?

Criminal court information

See statistics on matters heard in the NSW criminal courts.

Criminal court information

Archived annual NSW criminal court statistics

Criminal justice system in NSW - structure

Online services

Find information about NSW courts and tribunals online services, including filing forms, viewing documents and tracking case progress.

Online services for Supreme, District and Local courts

Online services for NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Watch how to view case information and file civil court forms online

Online services for the Land and Environment Court

Costs against Police or DPP

Find out how to apply for payment from a prosecuting authority.

Costs against Police or DPP