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For the Record: 'Cell block terror'

'Cell block terror'
Sunday Telegraph, 21 September 2014

The following claims in this article are incorrect:

  • That "Convicted terrorists are using sophisticated code to continue jihadi activities from inside Goulburn SuperMax".

There is no known specific terrorist threat from inside our prisons.

  • That "inmates [at Goulburn SuperMax] are able to send messages through other inmates called 'jail sweepers', who come into contact with the terrorists through work activity, such as maintenance and food delivery, and are then free to roam the prison".

There are no 'sweepers' in the High Risk Management Correctional Centre (HRM - SuperMax). Sweepers in the adjacent Goulburn Correctional Centre do not enter the HRM.

  • That AA-classified prisoners "are escorted to court appearances and medical appointments by guards armed with rocket launchers and machine guns while being supported by helicopters".

Corrective Services NSW staff are never armed with rocket launchers or machine guns. Helicopters are not used during extreme high security escorts.