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​For the Record: 'Recidivism: how can we stop prison's revolving door?​'

SBS Two The Feed - 'Recidivism: how can we stop prison's revolving door?' Airdate Monday 14 September 2015

Interview with Mindy Sotori, Community Restorative Centre (CRC). SBS states "The Bureau of Crime Statistic and Research spent two years tracking the ex-prisoners who had completed the CRC program and found that the rate of re-offending dropped to 12 per cent".

BOCSAR did not track ex-prisoners who completed the CRC program, have never evaluated the CRC program and are not aware of any evidence the CRC program reduces re-offending and is effective.

The end of the story states "16,000 people are released from prison each year". CRC is funded for over $1.5m for post release services under the Funded Partnership Initiative by CSNSW and will be required to provide targeted support services to support 300 offenders over the three year period.

Corrective Services NSW works collaboratively with a number of government and non-government organisations to ensure that post release support services are provided in partnership with the support and supervision provided by Community Corrections.  More than $9.8m is currently allocated to post release services to 2017 across NSW.  CRC delivers post release services in Leichhardt and Broken Hill, including to offenders such as Chris (featured in SBS - The Feed) who benefit from supervision by Community Corrections in the community following release from custody.