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Death of Daniel Christie

Issued: Saturday, 11 January 2014
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Attorney General Greg Smith SC has expressed his sympathies and condolences on behalf of the NSW government to the family of Daniel Christie who died today.

"Daniel Christie's death is a senseless tragedy which will rightly outrage and sadden everyone in NSW. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time."

"I cannot imagine their pain and anguish, their despair and devastation and I am humbled by their dignity and the generous gesture of donating Daniel's organs."

"I have spoken to the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions and asked him to closely examine this case with a view to determining if murder charges are appropriate in light of the evidence, and in light of the alleged offender's reported martial arts experience."

As the matter is before the court it is not appropriate to comment further on the case.

"We have seen many reports of terrible, violent assaults, apparently committed by intoxicated offenders, over the past few weeks and months."

"These incidents have focused community attention on alcohol-related violence, and the government will be working with police to make our streets safer. Last month I met with the Kelly family and I am giving careful consideration to their proposals."

"The community is fed up with these types of incidents and the majority of people who drink responsibly, want to feel safe from a small minority of stupid, intoxicated thugs who don't."

"Tackling this issue will require a broad response from across government and across society. It will also require all adults to set an example to others, especially young people, in the way they consume alcohol, talk about alcohol, and behave when they have consumed it."

"I will also be pushing ahead with the previously announced plans for legislation covering unlawful assaults."