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​Corrective Services NSW rejects claims regarding AA-classified inmates 

Issued: 21 September 2014

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Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) strongly rejects claims made by anonymous sources in an article today that arrangements for managing AA prisoners are insufficient. 

CSNSW takes the management of its AA-classified inmates extremely seriously and is fully aware of its responsibilities to national security via the safe and secure management of such inmates. 

This is why the AA classification was introduced and an extensive suite of security and intelligence measures put in place specifically to manage these inmates, including - but not limited to - the restriction and monitoring of AA inmates' communications.

Following today's article CSNSW would like to confirm: 

  • The Supermax prison does not have inmate sweepers.

  • AA inmates are not placed in the same cell.

  • A CSNSW Custody and Sentence Planning report stated there are risks AA inmates may attempt to recruit others to terrorism or plot escapes, with these risks to be taken into account in managing AA inmates. It does not state these things have occurred.

  • Guards do not carry rocket launchers. 

CSNSW' frontline Correctional Officers and its Security and Intelligence division work closely together and with other agencies to ensure responsible AA inmate management.

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