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​Birth certificate needed for school enrolment

Issued: Tuesday 17 November 2015

NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages today reminded parents they need a birth certificate to enrol their child in school or childcare and encouraged them to act now to avoid the last minute rush.

"Many families don’t realise a birth certificate is a requirement for school and childcare enrolment and are left scrambling and stressed in late January when they could be enjoying the final days of their holidays," said Amanda Ianna, Registrar of NSW Births Deaths & Marriages.

A birth certificate is a key identity document that contains name, age, place of birth and other registration details.

"Your child’s birth certificate is an essential item to tick off your list when organising travel, education and other activities for your family," Ms Ianna said.

"We need a birth certificate for many of the important stage of our lives, including, opening a bank account, applying for a passport, a driver licence or an age pension," Ms Ianna said.

Parents are required to register their newborn within 60 days. It costs nothing to register your child.

When lodging the registration, parents often find it convenient to purchase the birth certificate. The fee for a standard birth certificate is $51, including postage & handling. Commemorative certificates are also available for an additional $23 each.

"Birth registration is required by law and is the official record of the birth of the child. As a priority, we will support parents to register their child in cases where they may have missed the 60-day mark." Ms Ianna said.

To find out more about NSW birth registration, visit

or call 13 77 88.