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NSW leads the nation with veteran employment initiatives

Veterans Employment Program

Publication date: Thursday 18 May 2017

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With 310 veterans finding jobs in the NSW public sector, the Veterans Employment Program has smashed its targets in its first year.

The program is the first of its kind for government in Australia and helps veterans find meaningful employment within the NSW Government. Its original aim was to place 200 veterans in public sector jobs by 2019, a goal surpassed with two years to spare.

In addition to employment numbers, the program's first annual review has uncovered extremely valuable data. For example, veterans commonly applied for significantly more jobs than the general population before securing an offer of employment.

Research showed that veterans were often not able to communicate their skills and experience in non-military terms, and were not aware of the career options open to them. Secondly, employers were largely unaware of what a veteran brings to the workplace or what military ranks may translate to in terms of skill and experience.

The address these issues, the Veterans Employment Program offers:

  • assistance for veterans to better understand and apply for positions within the NSW Government

  • a web portal with capability mapping, career examples and tools to help veterans understand how their military skills relate to the Capability Framework (the framework which describes job requirements for almost all roles in NSW Government)

  • a comprehensive education and collaboration campaign, where Veterans Affairs meets with senior executives and human resource decision-makers within NSW Government, to raise awareness of the program and opportunities for partnership.

    The data also showed that military skills are highly transferable, and not just to uniform positions – 29 per cent of new veteran hires were employed in non-traditional clusters, such as Education, Industry, as well as Finance, Services and Innovation.

    The Veterans Employment Program launched in May last year and its results are being shared with the public and private sectors in the hopes of changing the perception of veterans in Australian society.

    For further information or to read the annual review, please visit the Veterans Employment Program webpage or Facebook page, or email VeteransEmployment@dpc.nsw.gov.au