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Published date: Thursday, 4 July 2019

[PDF version of this media release]

Labor’s freshly minted spokesperson for Corrections Chris Minns has spent his first day in the job insulting hard-working corrections officers and eroding public confidence in NSW’s most secure prison, Goulburn’s Supermax. 

Minister for Counter Terrorism and Corrections Anthony Roberts said Minns should be condemned for implying that correctional officers have allowed ‘alleged drug dealing’ to take place within the Supermax. 

“Chris Minns’ remarks are inflammatory, ill-advised and frankly disgraceful,” Mr Roberts said. 

“The officers at Supermax do a difficult and demanding job every day and deserve nothing more than our thanks and confidence in keeping the community safe.” 

The Extreme High Risk Restricted Inmates housed at Supermax are subject to additional security protocols, intensive intelligence monitoring and supervision. 

“NSW correctional officers work with some of the most difficult inmates within our State. I am offended on behalf of all correctional officers in NSW, that the Shadow Minister has jumped so quickly to wrong conclusions without picking up the phone and asking for a briefing,” Mr Roberts said. 

“Instead, whilst impugning the reputations of all correctional officers who work in Supermax, Mr Minns didn’t even get the date correct in his media release as to when the Supermax 2.0 was opened and when inmates moved in. I opened the facility in May this year, not March as reported by Mr Minns, and the transitional arrangements are ongoing.” 

Recent allegations about criminal activity operating out of Goulburn’s Supermax, relate to a potential breach of ‘lawyer-client privilege’ and are currently before the Courts. There are no allegations of wrongdoing against any NSW corrections officer in connection with this matter. 

“Unlike Mr Minns, I have absolute faith that the Supermax is indeed secure and thank all of the correctional officers within the Supermax and all NSW corrections institutions for their efforts in keeping our State safe,” Mr Roberts said.