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Com​missioner commends Corrective Services staff

Issued: 1 December 2014
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Commissioner Peter Severin today visited Goulburn Correctional Centre to award commendations to the staff who suppressed a disturbance there on 20 September.

Several dozen inmates destroyed property worth about $5,000 after a barbecue was cancelled due to their poor behaviour.

"Yours is one of the toughest jobs there is," Mr Severin told a staff meeting where the awards were made. "On 20th September, the inmates challenged our control of two yards, and you responded promptly, effectively, and humanely. You restored the order necessary for the secure running of the prison. There were no serious injuries. I congratulate you."

Mr Severin singled out the actions of Manager of Security Roy McNair, who was not at work but hastened to the prison in his shorts and helped lead the suppression of the incident.

In total, 28 officers from the Goulburn Correctional Centre and 18 from the High Risk Management Correctional Centre received a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Monthly barbecues, paid for by the inmates, are held at many correctional centres as a reward for good behaviour. They have been found over the years to be an effective management tool. In this case inmates had been warned about their behaviour, but this did not improve. The barbecue was cancelled after a number of inmates abused a female officer.

Following an investigation by NSW Police, fifteen inmates have been charged with the offence of riot and are due to face court later this month.