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Officers foil triple attempted escape at Kirkconnell

Issued: Saturday, 3 October 2015

Vigilant Corrective Services NSW officers have foiled an imminent triple attempted escape from the minimum security Kirkconnell Correctional Centre.

About 6pm yesterday (Friday 2 October 2015) officers were conducting proactive external security checks when they overheard plans of an attempted escape coming from inside an accommodation unit.

Specialist Security Operation Group officers were immediately called to attend the prison and conduct a search of the accommodation unit.

As a result, implements of escape were located including torn sheets tied together about 8m in length, tied blankets about 6m long, a kicked out section of a wall, a broken Perspex window, a crate with hooks attached as an anchor point and a roll of tape.

Police were notified and attended. The prison remains locked down while their investigations are being conducted.

Three inmates allegedly involved in the escape plan – aged 26, 24, and 21 – have been transferred to another prison and segregated. They will be regressed in classification to maximum security.

Kirkconnell's Manager of Security Mark Kennedy, said the officers' vigilance prevented an escape.

"The officers' heightened level of awareness and proactive security measures stopped an imminent escape. I'm proud of the excellent job they've done."

Minister for Corrections David Elliott also praised the officers' great work. "The smart thinking and fast actions of these officers has prevented a potential security breach and protected the community. I congratulate them on their vigilance and dedication."

The three inmates were serving minimum sentences ranging 7-15 months and were due to be paroled between December 2015 and April 2016. Their convictions include shoplifting, larceny, drug possession and driving offences.

A review of inmates at Kirkconnell will be undertaken and those identified as a risk to the security and good order of the prison will be removed.