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​ Loving thy neighbour helps prevent disputes​​

Issued: 25 March 2017

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Neighbour Day on Sunday 26 March is a great opportunity to get to know the people next door and prevent any potential conflict.

That’s the message from NSW Government’s free dispute settlement and mediation service, Community Justice Centres (CJCs)

“When you connect with the people who live nearby, you’re showing you care about what happens locally and are directly supporting safe, friendly and resilient neighbourhoods,” said CJCs Director Katrina Spyrides.

“If you have strained relationships between your neighbours, Neighbour Day is a good opportunity to start making amends.”

Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, encouraging people to build positive relationships with those who live in their neighbourhood, whether through a cup of tea, a picnic or a simple greeting.

“Neighbours who are friendly to each other are more likely to be able to resolve issues as they arise. Having a positive neighbourly relationship can help prevent problems turning into serious disputes,” Ms Spyrides said.

Community Justice Centres is part of the NSW Department of Justice and has been helping to settle disputes between neighbours, community members, families and work colleagues for nearly 40 years.

CJCs dealt with 4655 cases and conducted 1,330 mediations across NSW in 2015-16 with agreement reached in almost 80% of mediations.

The neighbourday.org.au website contains ‘Very Neighbourly Tips’ on simple ways to be a good neighbour.

Neighbours finding it difficult to resolve a dispute can contact Community Justice Centres on 1800 990 777 to arrange a free mediation in their area.