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​Contraband in underpants seized by CSNSW officers during visitor search

Publicaiton date: Monday, 19 March 2018

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A 44-year-old visitor who stuffed mobile phones and drugs down his underpants in an attempt to smuggle the contraband into Goulburn Correctional Centre has been busted by Corrective Services NSW officers at the weekend.

Specialised Security Operations Group officers intercepted the package – which included seven grams of a crystal substance, two mobile phones, SIM cards and modified phone chargers – after a visitor failed multiple security screenings on Sunday, 18 March.

Assistant Commissioner for Security and Intelligence Mark Wilson PSM said that while contraband poses an ongoing challenge for correctional centres, CSNSW has effective detection mechanisms in place.

“Corrective Services NSW takes a multi-faceted approach to detecting mobile phones in NSW prisons, including sniffer dogs, body scanners and ferromagnetic phone detectors,” Mr Wilson said.

“Our officers work tirelessly to find and remove contraband from our prisons, but the small size of the phones and the limited metal content often makes them extremely difficult to detect.

“Last week CSNSW announced the introduction of phone jamming at Goulburn Correctional Complex. This is considered the ultimate solution because it renders all mobile phones in the target area useless.”

SOG officers detected the contraband hidden down a visitor’s pants after a body scanner and a handheld metal detection device gave positive readings.

They secured the package and contacted NSW Police, who issued the visitor with a future court attendance notice.

CSNSW Security Operations Group and mobile phone detection dogs seized 110 mobile phones last year – around two a week on average. SOG officers conducted more than 75,200 searches inside prisons, in addition to searches and seizures performed by staff at individual centres.

Visitors caught bringing banned items, including illegal and prescription drugs, to correctional centres face penalties of up to two years' imprisonment.