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Heavy surveillance nets mammoth contraband haul

Publication date: Modnay, 27 August 2018

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Four weeks of covert investigations has thwarted a massive haul of contraband from making its way into the prison system at a NSW correctional centre. 

Prison officers at the minimum-security Glen Innes Correctional Centre, near Grafton, intercepted drugs, tattoo guns, tobacco and more, stashed inside garbage bags in a industries shed outside of the prison yesterday afternoon. 

The discovery came following several tips-offs and extensive surveillance. 

Minister for Corrections David Elliott praised staff at Glen Innes Correctional Centre for their swoop. 

"This is excellent work by the officers at Glenn Innes, who conducted a strategic-search based on intelligence gathering and surveillance," Mr Elliott said. 

"I congratulate them for ensuring the safety of staff and inmates at the centre by preventing these items from being circulated through the prison system." 

The following items were seized: 

  • 10 packets of tobacco; 
  • 21 packets of cigarette papers; 
  • 12 cigarette lighters; 
  • 152 tablets; 
  • 30 syringes; 
  • 58 needles; 
  • Two vials of testosterone; 
  • One mobile phone charger; 
  • One mobile phone ear piece; 
  • One tattoo power station with accessories; 
  • Two containers of tattoo ink; 
  • One gaol-made tattoo gun; and 
  • 97 tattoo needles. 

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin said the contraband seizure should be a warning to any inmates considering such trafficking. 

"As demonstrated by these fine officers at Glen Innes, our staff are well trained and have the necessary tools to detect and prevent contraband from circulating through our centres," Mr Severin said. 

Investigations into the source of the contraband are continuing. Any person caught smuggling contraband into a centre can face a two-year prison sentence.