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Trustee & Guardian help you plan digital after life

Issued: Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Did you know that 83 per cent of people have not discussed what will happen to their social media accounts when they die?

Although, nine out of 10 Australians have a social media account of some description, the vast majority have not even had a conversation – let alone written anything down – about what should happen to these accounts when they die.

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, store photographs on your computer or iPad, have a blog or use emails or any other social media accounts and apps, you need to plan ahead.

Imelda Dodds, CEO, NSW Trustee & Guardian said a professional Will maker can guide you on leaving instructions for your executor to deal with your online life.

"Most social media platforms have policies for handling 'deceased accounts' – it is worth researching so you know what options you have," Ms Dodds said.

"For example, with Facebook you can have your account memorialised or deleted while some accounts allow you to set up a delegated user prior to your death.

"Email providers vary in their approach – for example, some email providers are prepared to share the contents of your account with your executor, next of kin or beneficiaries, whereas other providers will simply close your account."