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New online jury management system

A new ground-breaking $4.2 million online jury management system is making it simpler, easier and faster for jurors to navigate their way through the justice system.

For the first time, jurors have their own personal online profiles allowing them to update contact and banking details, apply to be excused from jury duty, nominate dates they are not available or request court attendance reminders.

The Department of Justice has also introduced airport style electronic check-ins at courthouses to speed up jury processing times so people no longer have to spend hours waiting to find out if they have been selected to sit on a jury panel.

Department of Justice Secretary Andrew Cappie-Wood said the technology had been designed specifically with the juror in mind.

"We realise people have busy lives and personal commitments which is why we are working hard to improve the jury experience for everyone in NSW," Mr Cappie-Wood said.

"It doesn't matter whether you live in Broken Hill, Batemans Bay or Bondi, jurors can use their computers, smartphones or tablets to access information on their jury service from anywhere in the state at any time of the day.

"If you have a holiday planned, medical treatment scheduled or another pressing engagement, you can go online and nominate two periods of up to two weeks where you are not available for jury duty.

"Being able to block out inconvenient dates is also beneficial to workers who are busiest at certain periods of the year, such as accountants at tax time or farmers during harvest.

"The new electronic check-in system at courthouses has also been a big winner with jury processing times dropping significantly.

"For example, at the Downing Centre in Sydney, the state's busiest court complex, people now only have to wait for an average of 30 minutes to find out if they've been excused or selected to sit on a jury panel compared to 3.5 hours previously.

"Another advantage is jurors can update their banking details, ensuring they are receiving their money faster.

"All of these changes are delivering huge benefits for the 200,000 NSW residents who are involved in the jury process every year.

"Jurors play a vital role in our legal system and serving on a jury is an important public duty that you will rarely be asked to do in your lifetime, and now we can make the experience more seamless and efficient."