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​Community safety enhanced with specialist unit supervising violent and sex offenders after release


Corrective Services has boosted its enforcement of Extended Supervision Order  conditions by establishing the Specialist Sexual and Violent Offenders Investigation Unit.

Extended Supervision Orders apply to a small group of violent and sex offenders who have finished their prison sentences, whom the Supreme Court considers require monitoring on their release into the community. As part of their order they must wear an electronic monitoring anklet and undergo round-the-clock surveillance. This technology can alert staff to patterns of potential non-compliance that warrant further investigation.

The new specialist Unit comprises six highly trained and skilled NSW Police detectives. Commissioner, Peter Severin, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the NSW Police Force for the detectives to be seconded to the Corrective Services Investigation Unit.

They are working closely with Community Corrections, Security and Intelligence, and other Corrective Services staff to investigate and immediately pursue criminal charges against any offender who is alleged to have breached their Extended Supervision Order.

Assistant Commissioner James Koulouris said this is a powerful deterrent to re-offending. "This tracking technology is an important aid for Corrective Services officers and the Unit enhances our ability to protect the community," Mr Koulouris said.

"Within a short period, the Unit has already swiftly arrested and charged several offenders who have allegedly breached their Extended Supervision Orders. The new unit is having a real impact on enhancing the community's safety."