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Justice Department leads the way on IT business systems 'as a service'

Issued: Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Department of Justice is taking an innovative step towards freeing itself of costly and constraining information technology hardware and software for corporate business systems by simply buying both as a service.

In a first for NSW government, the Department has signed up to a pilot program with private company, Accenture, for the provision of a complete suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business systems including finance, human resources and procurement on the SAP platform under a 'software as a service' model.

The solution to be delivered by Accenture has been co-designed to meet the needs of NSW Government and is pre-configured with the whole of government standard processes.

Existing disparate business systems will now be replaced by a single, streamlined solution that will support the transformation of corporate services within the Department. With the proposed SAP based solution, systems will finally be able to 'talk' to one another to ensure maximum efficiencies in data sharing and common processes. And it will all be achieved through an 'as a service' model in the new high-capacity NSW government data centres.

Traditionally, government solved its technology needs by building customised solutions that are costly to maintain and unable to adapt to changing business needs. By moving to an 'as a service' model government can reduce the cost and increase the flexibility of its technology investments. However the move to 'as a service' also brings about some new risks. The new agreement with Accenture is a partnership that adopts the benefits of moving to 'as a service ' together with some important innovations to manage this risk including the ability to maintain business continuity in a number of exit scenarios.

The ERP Service is expected to go live by December 2015 with the entire Department fully transitioned to the new service by December 2016.