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NSW police officers can count on backup for life

Publication date: Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Police officers who have left the NSW Police Force and returned to civilian life will have access to a range of wellbeing support services under the new BACKUP for Life program launched by the Deputy Premier at Parliament House on Wednesday.

BACKUP for Life is a partnership between the NSW Government and NSW Police Legacy that recognises the valuable service police officers provide to the community, as well as the challenges former officers often face as they settle into post-police life.

Many former police officers experience mental health issues as they adjust to life beyond their service, and these issues often affect their immediate families too.

Right now, former officers of the NSW Police Force can access free, confidential counselling and referral to appropriate support services by calling 1800 4 BACKUP (1800 4 22258) and making an appointment. The 1800 4 BACKUP service is provided by an independent organisation with qualified counsellors located across Australia.

In addition to counselling and referral services, BACKUP for Life will soon offer a mentoring program to help recognise the signs of mental health issues and provide pathways to professional help.

Later this year, the first BACKUP for Life Expo will provide information to former NSW Police Officers and their immediate families about a broad range of support services. It is expected that up to 50 exhibitors will be on hand to discuss services including career development, financial planning, counselling services, physical fitness, social connections, vocational education and volunteering opportunities. The expo will be on Friday, 28 October in the Grand Pavilion at Rosehill Gardens.

Information sessions about BACKUP for Life are being held in regional locations throughout NSW over the next few months in conjunction with the NSW Retired Police Organisation.  

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