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​Bullet ​proof vests to be deployed for Sheriff's Officers​​

​​Publication date: Friday, 17 June 2016

Following a regulatory change that was announce​d today by the Minister for Justice and Police and the Attorney General, Sheriff's Officers in NSW will be able to wear bullet-proof vests as they deal with high-risk matters in the state's courts, or when they're carrying out their duties in the field.

The Weapons Prohibition Amendment (Exemptions) Regulation 2016 exempts Sheriff's Officers from having to obtain a permit to use bullet-proof vests in the course of their duties.

The bullet-proof vests will be deployed later this year, giving Sheriff's Officers the flexibility to step-up their protection when they need it. The Attorney General said that in light of the heightened terror alert and increased security concerns, it's especially important Sheriff's Officers feel safe as they carry out their work.

Ms Upton said that the roll-out of the vests supports other measures that have been introduced recently to assist Sheriff's Officers and strengthen security throughout the NSW court system. In 2015, court security was bolstered by changes to the Court Security Act that allow Sheriff's Officers to arrest anyone who commits an assault in a courtroom or on court premises.

Read the media release issued on Friday, 17 June 2016 by the Minister for Police and Justice and the Attorney General.

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