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​​Thirty nine couples on cloud nine for ninth of the ninth nuptials​

Publication date: Friday, 9 September 2016

Thirty nine couples will be married at Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages locations in Sydney today, the ninth day of the ninth month.

That's right, 9 / 9 / 2016. And if you add up the numerals in 2016, you have nine! That's three nines. Three nines are 27. Add two and seven and what do you have? Nine!

Eighteen happy couples will say "I do" at the Registry office in Parramatta. (Eighteen is nine times two, by the way. Plus, if you add the numerals in 18 together you have nine. What's more, if you reverse the numerals in 18 you have 81, the square of nine.)

Twenty one couples will celebrate their nuptials at the Registry office in Chippendale. (Of course 21 is three more than 18, and three is the square root of nine. Add the numerals in 21 together and you have three – the square root of nine again.)

Thirty nine couples dressed to the nines on cloud nine on the ninth day of the ninth month. Now that's an auspicious day! (With a lot of coincidental arithmetic.)​

And if you've always had an inkling that spring is the most popular time for a wedding, the NSW numbers from 2015 prove you right.

Last year 13,327 couples tied the knot amid the blossoms and blooms of the spring months. Autumn was the next most popular season for "I do"s, with nearly 11,000 marriages falling in that quadrant in 2015. Summer came in third, its 9,174 nuptials freezing out winter weddings by almost 3,000 sets of sunny vows.

If you'd like to find out even more about marriages in NSW, visit the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages website at​

Above: Thirty nine couples will be married at Registry offices in Sydney today, the ninth day of the ninth month.​