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Extra Offender Management Service targets repeat offending causes

Program now operating in five locations

Publication date: Monday, 26 June 2017

The Extra Offender Management Service (EOMS) that targets the underlying causes of repeat offending, including domestic violence offending, is available in five NSW locations as of 2 June 2017.

The innovative $32 million EOMS program is part of the NSW Government's reforms to reduce reoffending and make our communities safer.

Repeat offenders who are issued with a 'Court Attendance Notice', or who leave custody without a supervision order, and live in Dubbo, Lismore, Liverpool, Parramatta/Burwood* and Tamworth, can be offered the opportunity to participate in a case management program to address the underlying reasons for their offending behaviour.

Minister for Corrections, David Elliott, said that EOMS offers intervention at times when it hasn't been available to offenders in the past.

If an offender chooses to participate in the voluntary program, a case manager develops a tailored case plan with the offender to address the offender's assessed offending causes, which may include misuse of alcohol or drugs, unemployment, mental health issues, domestic violence or a lack of social connections.

Information about a person's participation and progress in EOMS may be sent to the court before sentencing, if the offender is found guilty.

EOMS is one of several reforms that the Department of Justice is implementing that aim to significantly reduce domestic violence offending and reoffending by adults in NSW. The program is operated by a specialist service provider in each location.

If you would like to find out more about EOMS, you can visit the website at, or download the EOMS fact sheet [PDF, 148kb], or email

* The Parramatta site includes Burwood Local Court

Updated: Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Extra Offender Management Service was rolled out in June 2017 targeting repeat and persistent adult offenders in five NSW locations.

Following a review of the service’s effectiveness and viability, the NSW Government is closing the service at four sites, as it has failed to meet expected performance targets.  Only 94 offenders engaged in the case management service since it was established in June last year.     

The NSW Government last year invested a record $330 million in programs to reduce the reoffending rate. 

As part of this funding, CSNSW established 10 High Intensity Program Units, mostly in regional NSW, which focus on offenders who have committed domestic and other violent offences. 

There are also specific units for Aboriginal inmates and female inmates to ensure that their unique needs are met. 

We are creating 87 roles to deliver programs at these units annually to more than 1,200 male and female inmates with a priority for those sentenced to six months or less.

We also continue to provide funding to not for profit, non-government organisations to deliver a range of services that support our aim in reducing reoffending.

We have also partnered with three service providers, arbias, Centacare and Housing Plus to provide additional Initial Transitional Support at 14 new sites, which provides up to 12 weeks support for higher risk parolees under the supervision of Community Corrections. 

Services commenced at 14 new sites in February with funding of $1.5 million annually.

We’re also establishing new and improved custodial case management units at all correctional centres across the state to provide individually-tailored rehabilitation programs.

Almost 20,000 inmates are expected to benefit from the new case management approach over the next three years, which will support a reduction in the state’s reoffending rate.