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LawAccess NSW turns sweet 16 as Best Government Contact Centre

Publication date: Wednesday, 6 September 2017

LawAccess NSW celebrated 16 years of providing information and referrals to people with a legal problem on Saturday, only days after winning the national 'Best Government Contact Centre' award at the Annual Government Contact Centre Summit.

The accolade, given in the 'over 30 seats' category, acknowledged LawAccess NSW as an industry leader in customer relationship management, process improvement strategies and customer feedback strategies.

LawAccess NSW Contact Centre Manager, Nick D'Cruz, accepted the award at the summit in Sydney at the end of August.

Janet Wagstaff, Director of LawAccess NSW, said that the award was a well-deserved and fitting anniversary gift for the whole team.

"Our staff show dedication and commitment day after day," Ms Wagstaff said. "I was delighted to see their hard work recognised at an industry level on a national scale. That we received the award only a couple of days before our 16th birthday was a lovely coincidence," she said.

LawAccess NSW took its first inquiries on 2 September 2001, when a small group of staff from Legal Aid NSW, the Law Society of NSW and the then Attorney General's Department of NSW started providing legal information and advice over the phone on a single helpline number.

Sixteen years later, LawAccess NSW continues to play a vital role in improving access to justice for the people of NSW. The service operates from a state-of-the-art contact centre, providing free legal information, managed referrals and in some instances legal advice to anyone with a NSW legal problem. 

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Above: LawAccess NSW won the national Best Government Contact Centre (over 30 seats) Award at the Annual Government Contact Centre Summit 2017 in August.

Above: Director of LawAccess NSW, Janet Wagstaff, and LawAccess NSW staff celebrate 16 years of providing information, referrals and advice to people with a legal problem in NSW.