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​Videos help make tribunal processes clearer​

​Four common issues presented in five different languages

Publication date: Monday, 23 January 2017

If you're thinking about heading to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to resolve a dispute but you're not sure where to start, some new videos could make things a whole lot clearer.

NCAT has produced four videos that show people how to deal with four common matters that the tribunal's divisions hear. The short videos (they range from six to 12 minutes in length) step through each part of the NCAT process, from lodging an application through to preparing your case, the hearing and the decision.

The four scenarios in the videos are:

  • A dispute between a landlord and a tenant
  • A home building conflict
  • A review of a government agency's decision
  • The appointment of a guardian and financial manager for a person with a disability

Each of the videos is available in five languages: English, Arabic, Greek, Mandarin and Vietnamese. The videos are also captioned.

The videos are particularly designed for people who are planning to represent themselves before the tribunal, but they will be helpful for anyone who needs to know more about how NCAT works and the kinds of services NCAT provides.

You can watch the videos online on the NCAT webs​​ite​​. ​

Above: still images from each of the four NCAT videos. 

You can watch the videos online on the NCAT webs​​ite​​