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Thai Supreme Court delegation visits Drug Court

Ten judicial officers tour Parramatta location

Publication date: Thursday, 10 August 2017

The President of the Supreme Court of Thailand was among a delegation of 10 Thai Supreme Court justices and judges who visited courts in Sydney and Canberra last week.

His Honour Judge Roger Dive, Senior Judge of the Drug Court of NSW, hosted Chief Justice Veerapol Tungsuwan and his colleagues at the Drug Court's original location in Parramatta. 

The Thai judicial officers were particularly interested in 'therapeutic courts' like the Drug Court, which works with eligible offenders who are dependent on drugs to treat their drug dependency and reduce their likelihood of committing further criminal offences.

Judge Dive gave the delegation an overview of the court's innovative, tailored treatment programs, and answered a wide range of questions about the court's development and operations. 

Chief Justice Tungsuwan and his colleagues also toured the Compulsory Drug Treatment Correctional Centre at Parklea during their visit to Sydney. The Drug Court has judicial supervision of the specialist CDTCC, which houses offenders whom the Drug court has sentenced to a Compulsory Drug Treatment Order. 

The Drug Court of NSW commenced in Parramatta in February 1999 and now operates in Toronto (in the Hunter Region) and the Sydney central business district. Find out more about the Drug Court at

Above: His Honour Judge Roger Dive, Senior Judge of the Drug Court of NSW, with Chief Justice Veerapol Tungsuwan of the Supreme Court of Thailand, at the Parramatta Drug Court on Friday, 4 August 2017.

Photograph taken inside courtroom with permission.