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​Independent repo​​​rts

From time to the NSW Government commissions ​​​​reviews and examinations of certain law and justice issues. Reports and publications of such reviews may be published on this website.

Independent Reports published here are: 

Data insights in civil justice reports - The Law and Justice Foundation

The Data Insights in Civil Justice Reports were created by The Law and Justice Foundation.

Serious vilification laws in NSW

Completed 2017

Report of consultation from a cross section of the community regarding serious vilification with particular reference to Section 20D of the Anti-Discrimination of Act.
Report by Stepan Kerkyasharian AO

Review of the ​​​Bail Act 2013

Final report completed 2015

In 2014, Judge John Hatzistergos was commissioned to undertake a 12-month independent review of the Bail Act 2013.


Review of offences rela​​ting to fatal car accidents on private property

Completed 2015

The NSW Government appointed retired Justice, the Hon W.V. Windeyer AM RFD ED to conduct an independent review of offences relating to fatal car accidents on private property.

The review recommended that no new offence be created for negligent driving on private land causing death.

Review of the operation of the double jeopardy provision of section 102 of the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act 2001

Completed 2015

The NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Law and Justice's November 2014 final report of the inquiry into the 'Family response to the murders in Bowraville' recommended a review of the operation of the double jeopardy provision of section 102 of the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act 2001.​

The NSW Government supported this recommendation and in June 2015 an independent, extensive review by the Honourable James Wood AO QC commenced.