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About us

Changes to the Department of Justice from 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) and Department of Justice will be a single department, named the Department of Communities and Justice

The new department will enable services to better work together to support everyone's right to access justice and other help for families, and promote early intervention and inclusion, with benefits for the whole community.

The Department of Communities and Justice will be the lead agency in the new Stronger Communities Cluster.

The new Stronger Communities Cluster brings together, and replaces, the Family and Communities and Justice Clusters. It brings all government services targeted at achieving safe, just, inclusive and resilient communities under one roof.

You can still access up-to-date, reliable information on the existing Department of Justice and Department of Family and Community Services websites. Read more about the recent machinery of government changes on the Department of Premier and Cabinet's website.

About us

This page contains information about the role, vision, governance and structure of the Department of Justice.  

Detailed information about the department's divisions, offices, functions and services is available from each area's 'About us' page. Visit the Justice A-Z directory for links to each of the department's areas of business.

Our role

The Department of Justice delivers legal, court and supervision services to the people of NSW by managing courts and justice services, implementing programs to reduce crime and re‑offending, managing custodial and community-based correctional services, protecting rights and community standards and advising on law reform and legal matters. 

The department delivers a diverse range of essential services and supports to the community of NSW at the point in their lives where they come into contact with either the criminal or civil justice system.

The department is responsible for: 

  • advising the government on law, justice and legal reforms
  • administering courts, tribunals and community justice centres
  • implementing effective intervention and diversionary programs to reduce re‑offending risks, prevent crimed and divert, support and rehabilitate young and adult offenders
  • providing support services for victims of crime including counselling, compensation and court support
  • delivering offence-specific programs relating to violence and sexual offending
  • supervising and monitoring adult offenders
  • providing secure, safe and humane management of juvenile and adult inmates
  • supervising young people in custody, on bail, or sentenced to community based orders
  • providing legal, professional and regulatory services
  • recording life events
  • providing responsive services to vulnerable members of the community requiring life management and decision-making support. 

Our purpose

Our purpose is creating a safe and just NSW.

We do this through providing a focused, fairer and faster justice system with programs and services which contribute to building safe communities and the protection of rights.

Our Corporate Plan 2017-2020 [PDF, 654KB] sets the strategic direction for the department and is key to ensuring we achieve our strategic goals including government commitments and priorities.

Corporate governance

The Secretary of the Department leads the Justice Executive Team made up of:

  • Secretary (Chair)
  • Deputy Secretary Corporate Services
  • Deputy Secretary (Commissioner) Corrective Services NSW
  • Deputy Secretary Courts and Tribunal Services
  • Deputy Secretary Justice Infrastructure and Assets
  • Deputy Secretary Justice Services
  • Deputy Secretary Justice Strategy and Policy​​
  • Executive Director Juvenile Justice
  • Executive Director Office of Emergency Management
  • Chief of Staff Office of the Secretary
  • Executive Director Performance and Assurance
  • Executive Director Reform Office
  • Chief Financial Officer​.

The Justice Executive Team works with the Secretary to maintain an overview of the department's performance. The executive monitors the delivery of strategic priorities, and financial and organisational performance.

The executive oversees the progress of key government, Justice Cluster and department plans and priorities such as NSW 2021, roadmaps, savings plans, department strategic and business plans, and ensures the Minister and the government are appropriately advised.

The Justice Cluster

The Department of Justice is the Principal Department for the Justice Cluster. The cluster is made up of 12 agencies whose work includes effective and efficient operation of the justice system in NSW and progressing the State Plan NSW 2021.

These agencies are:

View the sum​mary of administrative arrangements in the Justice Cluster [PDF, 81KB].

The Justice Department's structure

View the Department of Justice organisation chart [PDF, 93KB].

​The department's websites include:

Department of Justice Code of Ethics and Con​​duct