About us

Diversity Services is part of the Department of Communities & Justice.

We implement innovative strategies to improve access to the justice system for people with disability as well as people from multicultural communities.

On this page you'll find information about:

The advice we provide the Department

We advise the Department of its obligations under federal legislation and NSW state legislation.

We provide the Department with advice about:

  • creating inclusive services for clients
  • awareness of rights and responsibilities
  • law, justice and legal reform
  • access and equity issues for staff with disability

Our advice is based on consultations with various community representatives and other justice agencies to identify particular issues people with disability and people from multicultural communities face when accessing the justice system.

Our plans

Our work is driven by two plans:

  • the Multicultural Plan
  • the Disability Inclusion Action Plan

These plans aim to help us improve the way we deliver our services to people with disability and people from multicultural communities.

You can download both of these plans in either PDF or MS Word from the links below.

Multicultural Plan 2015-2018

The main objective of the Multicultural Plan is to identify, monitor and prioritise the complex and changing needs of multicultural communities in NSW and to address significant justice access issues faced by multicultural communities.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-2018

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan identifies the Department of  Justice's responsibilities, objectives, goals and policies in relation to people with disability and includes strategies to promote a fairer and equitable justice system and inclusive services to people with disability.

We sometimes refer to this plan as the DIAP. A summary of the DIAP is available and has been translated into Easy English and Auslan.

The Justice Disability Advisory Council

The Justice Disability Advisory Council is a key player in the  implementation and evaluation of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

Council members have an in-depth understanding of the justice system and access issues for people with disability.

For more information about the Justice Disability Advisory Council, please contact Diversity Services.

Access to information

Diversity Services makes a range of information publicly available, including information that must be made available as 'open access information' under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 [GIPAA]. Open access information includes policy documents and documents that have been tabled in Parliament.

View Diversity Services open access information below. Find out about access to information in the Department of Justice.

Policy documents

Documents tabled in Parliament

Diversity Services does not have any documents that have been tabled in Parliament.

The Law and You

The cover of The Law and You DVD 

The Law and You: legal information for African communities in NSW is a free DVD available in seven African languages.

The Capacity Toolkit

cover of the capacity toolkit. 

The Capacity Toolkit is a guide to assessing a person's capacity to make legal, medical, financial and personal decisions.

So You Have to go to Court!

So you have to go to court! DVD  

So You Have to go to Court! is a video guide to going to court for people with cognitive disability.