Publications and resources for people with disability

Diversity Services has published a number of resources to assist people with disability to access our services. Those publications and other important Departme​nt of Communities & Justice publications for people with disability are listed below.

Select a publication from the list below for more information, including how to get a copy.

Request for Court Assistance

The Request for Court Assistance brouchure and form are for people with disability to indicate the types of specific assistance they need when they have to attend court.

You can pick up a copy of the Request for Court Assistance brochure from courthouses in NSW or download the brouchure from these links:

A statement encouraging people with disability to advise of the adjustments they require at court has been translated into 10 languages (PDF, 55kb).

Can You Hear in the Courtroom?

Can You Hear in the Courtroom? is a pamphlet about the infrared hearing assistive system that the Department uses in courtrooms.

To assist people who are hard of hearing overcome variations in courtroom acoustics, the Department uses permanent and portable infrared systems. The infrared hearing assistive device is similar to a hearing loop but it ensures that the information stays within the courtroom.

For more information about the infrared system, or to ensure the system is available for your court appearance, please download Can You Hear in the Courtroom? from the link below.

So You Have To Go To Court!

So You Have to go to Court! is a 25-minute film for people with cognitive disabilities who are required to attend court.

Visit our So You Have to go to Court page for full details of the film, and to watch or download the video.

So You Have to go to Court! - Resource kit

The So You Have to go to Court! resource kit contains supporting notes for people who are using the video. Download the resources from the links below.

Ordering copies of So You Have to go to Court!

Support agencies in NSW can order a DVD copy of So You Have to go to Court! and the resource kit for free.

Email Diversity Services to request a copy.

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan

As a service provider and an employer, the Department of Communities & Justice is implementing strategies to ensure that our services, information and employment opportunities are inclusive of people with disability.

To help us achieve this, we are guided by the Disability Inclusion Action Plan. 

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18 [MS Word 132kb]

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-2018 Summary

A summary of the former Department of Justice  Disability Inclusion Action Plan is available and has been translated into Easy English and Auslan.

The Capacity Toolkit

The Capacity Toolkit is a guide to assessing a person's capacity to make legal, medical, financial and personal decisions.

The Capacity Toolkit was published in 2008, in response to requests from lawyers, medical professionals, health workers, carers and advocates who required more information about capacity, some general capacity principles and guidelines on assessing a person's capacity to make decisions. 

You can read the Capacity Toolkit in full on our website, or you can download the Capacity Toolkit in PDF or MS Word from these links:

Ordering copies of the Capacity Toolkit

If you would like printed copies of the Capacity Toolkit, please complete the Capacity Toolkit please contact us.

Please see the Capacity Toolkit fees policy [MS Word, 46kb] for information about costs associated with ordering printed copies of the Capacity Toolkit.

Capacity Toolkit fact sheet

The Capacity Toolkit fact sheet aims to assist a person with a decision making disability understand the the capacity assessment process and their rights.

The fact sheet was published 2009 and can be downloaded in six languages using the links below.

E-Learning Module 

The free Decision-making and capacity ELearning module is based on the popular Capacity Toolkit. The module has been specifically designed for those who work in health, law,finance,social work and those who care for people with decision-making disabilities.

The Justice Advocacy Service

The Justice Advocacy Service supports people with cognitive disability in touch with the criminal justice system. Find out more about the Justice advocacy service.

Alternative formats

If you would like to request a copy of any of our publications in an alternative format, please contact Diversity Services.