People with disability

The NSW Department of Communities & Justice is strongly committed to inclusion and the protection of the rights of people with disability.

Our department works actively to ensure these rights are understood and respected.

We have developed a range of resources and information for people with disability to ensure our services are inclusive. Browse these pages using the menu to find out more.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

The Department of Communities and Justice is currently in the process of developing a new DIAP.

Select to view the former Department of Justice  Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18 (MS word 135kb) . All alternative formats of the DIAP listed on this page relate to the former Department of Justice DIAP 2015-2018

The DIAP will help us improve the way we deliver  mainstream inclusive services to people with disability and to ensure that we excel in our employment practices.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan Summary

The former Department of Justice has prepared a summary of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18. The summary is a snapshot of the Department's actions that work toward creating an inclusive and accessible service for people with disability.  

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18 Summary [Docx 149kb]

The summary is also available in the following translated formats.



Disability Inclusion Action Plan and Summary

 Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18 [Docx 135kb]

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-2018 - text only [Txt 46Kb]

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18 Summary [Docx 149kb]

Easy English- Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015-18 Summary [PDF 1487kb]

The Capacity Toolkit

The Capacity Toolkit is a guide to assessing a person's capacity to make legal, financial, medical and personal decisions for themselves.

Decision-making & Capacity E-Learning Module.

The FREE Decision-making & Capacity E-Learning module is based on The Capacity Toolkit.

So You Have to go to Court!

 So You Have to go to Court! is a video guide for  people with cognitive disability who are required to attend court.