Centrelink have told my client they owe them money. This may be wrong. What can they do about it?

If Centrelink says you owe them money, you can appeal that decision to an Authorised Review Officer.

You should get legal advice about the debt Centrelink says you owe them. A lawyer can tell you:

  • if you do owe money
  • how to appeal
  • what evidence you can use to support your appeal.
Get legal advice before you agree that you owe the money or make any arrangements about the debt with Centrelink.

You can tell Centrelink that you want to get legal advice before you discuss it anymore.

The letter from Centrelink will give you a time limit to make arrangements to repay the debt, but there is no time limit to appeal a debt.

What are my client’s rights and obligations with jobactive providers?

jobactive is an Australian Government program that aims to connect someone who wants a job (a job seeker) with employers.

Job seekers may need to do certain things to keep getting income support. These are called ‘mutual obligation requirements’. A job seeker’s mutual obligation requirements will depend on their age and other personal circumstances.

If you have mutual obligation requirements then you will need to:
  • agree to a Job Plan — which explains what you will need to do to become more‑job‑ready
  • look for jobs each month, and
  • do Work for the Dole or another suitable activity (such as part‑time work, part‑time study, accredited language, literacy and numeracy training or voluntary work) for 6 months each year.
There can be penalties if you don’t stick to your Job Plan. If you don’t agree with the penalty you should get legal advice.

My client does not agree with a jobactive provider or Centrelink decision. What can they do?

If you don’t agree with a jobactive Provider or Centrelink decision, you have the right to appeal. You should get legal advice first.

You can find more information about how to appeal a Centrelink decision at the Department of Human Services Reviews and appeals of a Centrelink decision web page.

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