​Cyber safety

My client is being harassed on the internet. How can they keep themselves safe?

Harassment, threats or bullying on social media is sometimes called ‘cyberbullying’. It can include:
  • repeated insults or comments that make you feel bad
  • threats to harm you or someone you know
  • comments that make you feel hurt, scared, or intimidated.
You can:
  • keep a record of the behaviour — for example, take a screenshot of the offensive post. You can then use this as evidence if you decide to report it to police
  • talk to the person directly if you feel safe doing this, and if there is no Apprehended Violence Order that stops you from contacting them
  • report it to the website administrator and ask them to delete material or suspend the person if they are breaching the websites policies
  • talk to your employer if the person bullying you is a colleague at work
  • get legal advice — a lawyer can help you work out what you can do

Under 18?

  • If the person being cyberbullied is under 18 they should talk to a trusted friend, adult or teacher
  • If someone is under 18 and the police want to talk to them about bullying someone else they can call the Legal Aid NSW Youth Hotline on 1800 101810

Site content is current as at November 2018

​For more information

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