​Debt and fines

My client has been fined for travelling without a ticket or not tapping on with their Opal Card. What should they do?

You have 21 days after you get a fine (also called a penalty notice) to:
  • pay the fine
  • make arrangements with Revenue NSW to pay off the fine over time if you can’t afford to pay it all at once
  • ask Revenue NSW to review their decision, or 
  • decide to go to the local court.
If you don’t do anything you will get a penalty reminder notice.

If you get a penalty reminder notice you have the same options as those listed above — but you have 28 days to take action. Don’t ignore a fine. It will not go away and the problem will get worse.

If you don’t do anything the fine will become an enforcement order. This means that Revenue NSW can take steps to recover the money they say you owe. For example, they can apply to court for an order to take money out of your bank account without your permission.

If you are thinking of going to court to dispute the fine, get legal advice first.

If you choose to go to court and you are not happy with the outcome you have 28 days to appeal the court’s decision to the District Court.

You can complain about how you were treated by the person who gave you the fine. You can:
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