School counsellors breached my client’s child confidentiality. What can they do?

A school counsellor cannot tell anyone what your child tells them unless:
  • they have your child’s permission
  • a court says they have to, or
  • it is necessary to do so for urgent safety reasons.
A school counsellor must report what they are told to the Child Protection Hotline on Schools if they believe a child is at risk of harm.

They must exchange information with other agencies like Family and Community Services if the information will help the child or young person’s safety, wellbeing or welfare.

To make a complaint

To complain about a school counsellor you can speak to them directly or to the principal of the school.

If the child is at a public school you can complain to:
If your complaint is about a breach of privacy you can complain to:

What rights do I have when I deal with my doctor?

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights sets out 7 rights that we have when we use healthcare services.  Find more information about the 7 rights in the Charter [PDF 377kb].

If your doctor does not follow the Charter you can:

  • talk to them about your concerns
  • talk to the Practice Manager of the doctor’s practice
  • complain to the NSW NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.
You should get legal advice if you think your doctor was negligent. A private lawyer will be able to tell you if you can get compensation. Call the Law Society of NSW Solicitor Referral Service on 02 9926 0300.

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Guide for community workers

Download the PDF version of the Community Workers Guide [PDF 871kb]

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