Diversity Services

Diversity Services provides access and equity information about the Department of Communities & Justice for people with disability and people from multicultural communities.

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People from multicultural communities

People with disability 

 About us

We implement innovative strategies to improve access to the justice system for people with disability and people from multicultural communities.

We advise the Department of its obligations under Australian national laws and the laws of NSW.

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Helping your client with legal issues: a guide for community workers

The Law and You

The cover of The Law and You DVD 

The Law and You: legal information for African communities in NSW is a free DVD available in seven African languages.

The Capacity Toolkit

cover of the capacity toolkit. 

The Capacity Toolkit is a guide to assessing a person's capacity to make legal, medical, financial and personal decisions.

So You Have to go to Court!

So you have to go to court! DVD  

So You Have to go to Court! is a video guide to going to court for people with cognitive disability.