​Child Sexual Offences Review

The Department of Justice is conducting the Child Sexual Offences Review, in response to recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Sentencing of Child Sexual Assault Offenders.
The purpose of the review is to examine child sexual offences in NSW with a view to:
  • Consolidate and simplify the current framework, where possible.
  • Identify areas where current offences could be consolidated or revised.
  • Identify whether any new offences should be created, to fill any gaps in the existing framework.
The Department of Justice has developed a discussion paper which identifies some of the potential issues and poses questions about possible options for reform.
Download the discussion paper [PDF, 28KB].

Submissions invited

Interested individuals and organisations are invited to make submissions to the review.
Submissions close at the end of the day on Friday, 28 July 2017.
Submissions may be made in writing via the NSW Government's Have Your Say website or by writing to:

Child Sexual Offences Review – Submissions
Justice Strategy and Policy
Department of Justice
GPO Box 31
Sydney NSW 2001

Or email your submission to policy@justice.nsw.gov.au with the subject ‘Child Sexual Offences Review’.
Please note that all submissions and comments will be treated as public, and may be published, unless the author indicates that it is to be treated as confidential.