Submissions to the Review of Police Oversight in NSW

The Review of Police Oversight in NSW is being conducted by Mr Andrew Tink AM. The Review is considering and reporting on matters including a recommended model for police oversight in NSW.

Written submissions to the Review made by organisations are available below.

Further submissions may be added to this page from time to time until the end of the Review on 31 August 2015.

  1. Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity [PDF, 78kb]

  2. Community Legal Centres NSW [PDF, 2.05MB]

  3. Council of Social Service of NSW [PDF, 104kb]

  4. Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Inner City Legal Centre and ACON [PDF, 335kb]

  5. Information and Privacy Commission [PDF, 203kb]

  6. Inspector of the Crime Commission [PDF, 221kb]

  7. Inspector of the Police Integrity Commission [PDF, 184kb]

  8. Jumbunna House of Indigenous Learning, UTS [PDF, 229kb]

  9. Law Society of NSW [PDF, 711kb]

  10. Legal Aid Commission of NSW [PDF, 354kb]

  11. NSW Bar Association [PDF, 388kb]

  12. NSW Greens [PDF, 402kb]

  13. NSW Police Force [PDF, 529kb]

  14. Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions [PDF, 140kb]

  15. Ombudsman (NSW)
    View the submission on the Ombudsman NSW website
    (See annexures to this submission at item 16 and supplementary submission at item 27.)

  16. Ombudsman (NSW) - Annexures
    View the annexures on the Ombudsman NSW website

  17. Police Association of NSW (First Submission) [PDF, 980kb]

  18. Police Association of NSW (Supplementary Submission) [PDF, 658kb]

  19. Police Integrity Commission [PDF, 467kb]

  20. Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd [PDF, 836kb]

  21. Redfern Legal Centre [PDF, 607kb]

  22. Shopfront Youth Legal Centre [PDF, 70kb]

  23. Women’s Legal Services [PDF, 118kb]

  24. NSW Council for Civil Liberties [PDF, 546kb]

  25. NSW State Coroner [PDF, 361kb]

  26. WorkCover Authority of NSW [PDF, 61kb]

  27. Ombudsman (NSW) (Supplementary submission) [PDF, 2.45MB]
    (See submission at item 15.)