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​Legal and regulatory information and services

The Department of Justice delivers legal, court and supervision services to the people of NSW, including managing courts and justice services, advising on law reform and legal matters, and providing advice and training on anti-discrimination and privacy.

The Department delivers a diverse range of legal information and services to the community of NSW at the point in their lives where they come into contact with either the criminal or civil justice system. This includes advising the government on law, justice and legal reforms, providing legal, professional and regulatory services, and administering the appointment of Justices of the Peace (JPs) in NSW.


Find information on how to prevent discrimination or make a complaint about discrimination.

Anti-Discrimination Law

Making a complaint

Employers and managers

Service providers


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service

Training service


Legal services

Find legal services and information to assist you when undertaking activities that require an understanding of the law.

Enduring guardianship

Guardians Ad Litem

Inspector of Custodial Services

LawAccess NSW

Powers of Attorney

Publish a probate notice

Public Notary appointment

NSW Crown Solicitor's Office

Wills and estates

Legal & administrative assistance

Find information on how the common law and statutory powers of the Attorney General are exercised in accordance with the law.

Charitable Trusts

Statutory costs / ​ex gratia payments

Legal Assistance

Review & Annulment of Convictions

Release of information relating to the Royal prerogative of mercy

Foreign Documents & Proceedings

Vexatious Proceedings

Prequalification arrangements - counsel 

Legal Representation Office

Apply for assistance if called to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) or the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC).

Apply for assistance

Legal Services Coordination

See how legal services are delivered for the NSW Government and what reform measures are being undertaken for the Legal Services Blueprint.

Information for government agencies

Legal Services Coordination projects

External Legal Services providers

Guiding Principles for Government Agencies Responding to Civil Claims for Child Sexual Abuse

Public Defenders​

Public Defenders are salaried barristers independent of the government who appear in serious criminal matters for clients who have been granted legal aid.

Legal Research




Solicitor Requests for Public Defenders

Annual Reviews


Inspector of Custodial Services

The Inspector of Custodial Services is appointed to inspect adult correctional facilities and juvenile justice centres, and report to Parliament on the findings of these inspections.

Reports and publications

Official Visitors


NSW Legal Assistance Strategy

NSW Legal Assistance Strategy

Civil Justice Action Plan

Civil Justice Action Plan

Justices of the Peace (JPs)

Find everything you need to know about finding, becoming or being a JP in NSW.

Find a Justice of the Peace

Become a Justice of the Peace

Information for Justices of the Peace

Diversity Services

Find information on innovative strategies to improve access to the justice system for people with disability as well as people from multicultural communities.

People with disabilities

Multicultural communities

Sentencing in NSW

Find information on sentencing matters  in NSW.

NSW Sentencing Council

Current projects

Completed projects

Law reform

The NSW Law Reform Commission reviews the law in NSW, and makes recommendations for change to the Attorney General.

NSW Law Reform Commission

Current projects

Completed projects

Office of the Legal Services Commissioner

The independent statutory body that deals with complaints about lawyers.

Making a complaint about a legal professional

Register of disciplinary action

Incorporated legal practices



OLSC Portal

Online services

Access online services to file court forms, lodge files, view cases and more.

NSW Caselaw

Online services for Supreme, District and Local courts

Online services for NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Online services for the Land and Environment Court

Online Court, the messaging forum for legal practitioners and their representatives

Watch how to view case information and file civil court forms online

Public consultation

Find information about current and past public consultation on a variety of projects, policies, services and law reform.

Statutory reviews

Regulatory impact statements

Draft bills

Discussion papers 

Other public consultations

Liquor and Gaming

Find regulatory information and services in relation to liquor, wagering, gaming (including casino compliance) and registered club industries in NSW.


Gaming & wagering



Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority 

Justice reforms

Need Legal Help?

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Representing yourself

Use the LawAccess Website to find information on representing yourself to manage a legal problem

Resolving disputes out of court - Community Justice Centres

Community Justice Centres can help you resolve a dispute quickly and for free, using mediation.

What is mediation?

Why try mediation?

How mediation works

Extinguishment of historical homosexual convictions

Find information about extinguishing historical homosexual convictions.

Information access, privacy
& copyright

Find information on privacy and access to information.

Information and Privacy Commission

Privacy Management Plan

State Copyright

Crown Copyright

State Arms and Symbols

Subpoena, summons, statutory order/ notices - document production

National standards

Find independent bodies responsible for promoting professional standards.

Legal Services Council

National Legal Profession Reform

Professional Standards Councils

Office of Racing

Find information on racing policy and governance that supports the growth and economic viability of responsible, sustainable and compliant racing in NSW.

Thoroughbred racing

Harness racing

Greyhound racing

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