Legal Services Coordination is currently working with agencies to deliver reforms outlined in the Legal Services Blueprint and additional whole of government initiatives.  These reforms and initiatives include:

  1. providing continued support to the General Counsel Group on whole of government initiatives;
  2. moving towards a NSW Whole of Government Legal Services Panel (completed);
  3. coordinating training seminars for in-house lawyers (i.e. NSW In-house Government Lawyers Forum);
  4. ensuring in-house lawyers are up to date with legal and policy developments by providing information through the bi-monthly In-house Government Lawyers Bulletin;
  5. collecting and reporting on high level minimum data on legal services expenditure;
  6. reporting on the rate of engagement of female Counsel in compliance with the Equitable Briefing Policy; 
  7. developing whole of government subscriptions for cross-government access to legal resources;
  8. establishment of an electronic web database for NSW government lawyers, to promote sharing of advices and legal precedents (NSW Government Lawyers Network);
  9. development of a suite of whole of government standard precedent templates;
  10. reviewing and updating legal services policies applicable to NSW Government;
  11. review of the definition of Core Legal Work (completed);
  12. working collaboratively with the Public Service Commission to develop a legal professionals occupation specific capability set to accompany the NSW Capability Framework;
  13. implementing the Informed Purchaser Model workbook and developing an online interactive version for legal managers (Informed Purchaser Model workbook is currently under review).